BeWell Retreats

virtual retreat experiences for mind, body, heart and soul

 BeWell Retreats enhances your life with deeper connections, to be seen and heard, and truly feel the heart and words of another.

BeWell Retreats gives you permission for radical self-care, to nourish your conscious mind, to honor your miraculous body, to pamper yourself and completely embrace your heart and soul.

BeWell Retreats is for you to receive, to feel safe in being yourself, to grow and learn new ways of becoming, to love and be the change you seek … by accepting, by appreciating, by practicing the self-care that creates YOUR healthier world within, for yourself and everyone you encounter.

BeWell Retreats guides you to move your body in pleasurable ways.

To practice healing rituals.  To share with others in sacred circles.

relaxing…        exploring…     rejuvenating…    playing… in a special on-line experience.

We’ve gathered healers, teachers, practitioners and creatives to share their knowledge, wisdom, insights, and truths.

We invite you to soak in this retreat from the comfort and convenience of your own home to be loved, to be nourished, to be fulfilled, to be uplifted by the proven and experienced team at BeWell Retreats.

Please join us! for your mind, for your heart, for your soul, Say YES to YOU!

Upcoming BeWell Retreats

September 26th

The Miracle of The Mind, Transforming Your Story

October 24th

Self Compassion, Your Heart-Felt Companion

November 28th

The Triangle of Humankind, Connecting Each Other


Mary S. - Michigan

I loved listening to the Exploratory portion of the retreat while I gardened.

Maureen K. - Washington

The movement class was so much fun and got my energy going.

Karen C. - New York

It was so nice to give myself permission to fully participate.

Deborah V. - Washington


I appreciated the thoughtfulness put in to the virtual retreat presented by Barbara. She incorporated a beautiful theme throughout the presenters and I am still finding myself thinking about that theme, my environment and relationships several days later.

Penny W. - New Mexico

The technology was super easy so I could enjoy some of the retreat from my laptop and then from my phone when I had to walk my dogs

Jill R. - North Carolina

My sister and I got to go on retreat together this way, even though we are 2,000 miles apart

Jennifer L. - California

The stretch and play breaks were perfect! Also, the time to interact with others in small groups was meaningful.  The retreat was well thought out, organized and a pleasure to be a part of.

Sarah B. - New York

The time flew by. This retreat was so experiential and I could feel the energy from everyone.

Karen R. - Washington

Your retreat was a delight and your organization was so smooth with timely information. 

Dana P. - California

This exceeded my expectations, I am SO grateful! 

Chelsea B. - North Carolina

I thoroughly enjoyed my first virtual retreat experience! Each presenter brought wonderful energy and healing modalities to my experience, and I enjoyed so much the connections I felt with everyone there. It was beautiful. And beautifully organized too!

Franca B. - Washington


BeWell Retreats was wonderfully nourishing!  I loved the guest presenters and the creator, Barbara is a bright light who’s warmth and passion rejuvenate just by being in her presence.