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Yes, you can ‘retreat’ without leaving your home

BeWell Retreats grew out of so many of us feeling isolated, confused, frightened, having to make major changes and adaptions because of a pandemic, and knowing, perhaps on a deeper level that there was a major shift happening to our global society and the planet.
But how amazing was it that we discovered we could retreat and connect with ourselves on a new level of comfort never possible before – from the comfort of our own homes. 

BeWell Retreats enhances your life with deeper connections, to be seen and heard, and truly feel the heart and words of another.

BeWell Retreats gives you permission for radical self-care, to nourish your conscious mind, to honor your miraculous body, to pamper yourself and completely embrace your heart and soul.

Virtual Retreats

from the comfort of your own home

These virtual retreats are for you to receive, to feel safe in being yourself, to grow and learn new ways of becoming, to love and be the change you seek … by accepting, by appreciating, by practicing the self-care that creates YOUR healthier world within, for yourself and everyone you encounter.

Virtual Retreats

Healers, creatives and wellness practitioners bring you warm and inviting virtual experiences.

Chakra Spin Yoga

Are you feeling out of balance and unmotivated? Move your energy, remove blocks and transform your life!

Self Care Sundays

Restore with “no-pose” yoga. Go on meditation floats. Explore self-care rituals. Create your personal pleasure plan.

what others had to say

“These retreats are awesome!! My first mini at-home retreat was incredible, and I can’t wait to come to more!”

Hadlee G., California

what others had to say

“Fun movement, connection and inspiration with outstanding healers! Highly recommend these retreats!”

Nadja W., South Carolina

what others had to say

“The simplicity and yet profundity of BeWell retreats are refreshing and reviving. The knowledge offered by the presenters is practical and brilliant. The skills that I gained will enhance my life for the long term. The Retreats are well-organized, communication is efficient and the topics are relatable for all types of life experiences.”

Sharon H., Washington

what others had to say

“I recently enjoyed a special online retreat with Barbara Badolati. I wasn’t sure what to expect with an online retreat that included yoga and an emphasis on self care, and I must say I really enjoyed the whole experience! Barbara is clearly passionate about her work, very experienced in yoga, and completely at ease creating a deep experience in a group. I came away with a deeper level of relaxation and ability to tap into self care resources. That may not sound flashy, but it is such a precious thing in these times!”

Rose H., Montana

what others had to say

“The connection through sharing together about the topic, meditations to connect with yourself and then movement in the way that feels best for you is an all encompassing experience. I highly recommend attending a retreat and bringing a friend.”

Brenda R., Washington

Experience a variety of wellness modalities

personal & spiritual transformation

Join us from the comfort of your own home, living room or your most sacred space for our warm and inviting virtual experiences as you embark on your self-care journey.

Healing Rituals

learn about our retreats

We’ve gathered healers, teachers, practitioners and creatives to share their knowledge, wisdom, insights and truths.

We invite you to soak in this retreat from the comfort and convenience of your own home to be loved, to be nourished, to be fulfilled, to be uplifted by the proven and experienced team at BeWell Retreats.

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