Be Bold, Brave You!

Saturday, April 24

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9:00 am PT OR 12:00 pm PT

Duration: 90 minutes

Release doubt and fear and embrace the messy, beautiful, awesome you. Get ready to take back your power, find your courage and achieve your dreams. This retreat will take you on a journey to discover 12 Archetypes. Understand your strengths and patterns and align with your soul’s purpose. Give yourself permission to be happy and learn how to take action that is congruent with your mind, heart and spirit.

are you…

  • feeling like an imposter
  • unfulfilled or dissatisfied
  • not sure what you want
  • holding onto guilt or shame
  • curious who you really are
virtual wellness retreats for women
Barbara Badolati, expressive movement devotee and soul stirrer has been guiding women through the joy of yoga and dance for over three decades.  She believes when we cherish and move our bodies which are true to ourselves, acceptance, healing and joyfulness can emerge.
virtual wellness retreats for women
Karen Carey is a Life Mastery Coach. She draws from a diverse background of mind, body and spirit. She will walk you down a path of self-discovery, as she shows you the power of truly knowing and being yourself. She is Lighthearted, practical and spiritually centered.


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