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Mandala Magic

Mandalas are pathways to peace and enlightenment. Used for centuries as a way into meditation, each mandala is a map for the mind to explore and lead you toward a spiritual heart.  In this retreat, you will create your personal mandala guided by your inner wisdom and self-expression, offering gentle contemplation and inspired meditation.


Saturday, May 22 

9:00-10:30 am PT 

Are you…

  • more focus
  • brain power
  • deeper wisdom
  • intuitive guidance
  • spiritual connection

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Saturday, May 22
9:00 – 10:30 am PT

Beginner to Advance welcomed. Modifications provided.

virtual wellness retreats for women

Seattle based artist Magda Petrou, signed JMP, has been developing her watercolor painting skills for several years in her home studio. Each picture is conceived of pure spontaneous flow and is an expression of the hidden inner worlds of the characters she creates. There is beauty in imperfection. The bright colors represent all of the vibrant energy of the earth spirit and nature. The characters in each picture tells a story and evokes emotion that is personal to the observer. Everybody has their own view of each unique story.

virtual wellness retreats for women

Barbara Badolati, is an international speaker, yoga, JourneyDance and meditation teacher who empowers people toward self-awareness and self-mastery so they may live a happier, healthier life.  She is the founder and CEO of BeWell Retreats and has been a key player in the evolution of wellness since 1986. Her dedication to this field has included creating corporate wellness cultures, opening several yoga studios, providing health and life coaching for individuals, and leading worldwide retreats.

special guests

Periodically, special guests will offer their “spin” of this ancient yogic tradition providing various healing modalities such as crystals, essential oils, energy and breath work.

Beginner to Advance welcomed. Modifications provided.


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what others had to say

“The movement class was so much fun and got my energy going.”

Maureen K., Washington

what others had to say

“It was so nice to give myself permission to fully participate.”

Karen C., New York

what others had to say

“I loved listening to the Exploratory portion of the retreat while I gardened..”

Mary S., Michigan

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