Virtual & “IRL” Retreats

I have curated expert healers, creatives and wellness practitioners to bring you warm and inviting virtual experiences that will help you grow, discover, heal, share, move, create and become.

Join us from the comfort of your own home, living room or your most sacred space as you embark on your self-care journey.

Upcoming Virtual Retreats

Mandala Magic

Mandala Magic

Thursday, April 8 at 4:00 pm PT
OR Saturday, April 10 at 9:00 am PT

Mothering Mantras

Mothering Mantras

Thursday, April 8 at 4:00 pm PT
OR Saturday, April 10 at 9:00 am PT

what others had to say

“I attended one of the Be Well Retreats and had such a wonderful experience. Barbara puts together an incredible event each month that is uplifting and inspiring. I had great take-aways with each presenter, walking away with powerful tools to enhance my life, I highly recommend Be Well Retreats.”

Rae Ann H., Washington

what others had to say

“What a fantastic retreat! Barbara and her presenters are amazing!”

Coralee K., Washington

what others had to say

“BeWell Retreats was wonderfully nourishing! I loved the guest presenters and the creator, Barbara is a bright light who’s warmth and passion rejuvenate just by being in her presence.”

Franca B., Washington

what others had to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first virtual retreat experience! Each presenter brought wonderful energy and healing modalities to my experience, and I enjoyed so much the connections I felt with everyone there. It was beautiful. And beautifully organized too!”

Chelsea B., North Carolina

what others had to say

“I love the body, mind and spirit connection that is felt in Barbara’s BeWell Retreats. ”

Brenda R., Washington

Yes, you can ‘retreat’ without leaving your home

BeWell Retreats grew out of so many of us feeling isolated, confused, frightened, having to make major changes and adaptions because of a pandemic, and knowing, perhaps on a deeper level that there was a major shift happening to our global society and the planet.

But how amazing was it that we discovered we could retreat and connect with ourselves on a new level of comfort never possible before – from the comfort of our own homes. 


1 Retreat

Attend one retreat of your choice.

$18 / Retreat

3 Retreat Pass $55

Attend 3 retreats in 2 months.

$8 / Retreat

Unlimited $65

Attend all retreats over 1 month!

Virtual Retreat Benefits

  • With a laptop or phone, you can make our virtual retreats as portable and pleasurable as you want.
  • Meet and interact with fellow retreat members from all over the world on a regular basis. 
  • Each retreat comes with a BeWell Retreats Guidebook for you to follow along with and use throughout the retreat. The Guidebook gives you something to enjoy and reference after the retreat as well.

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