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Friday, April 16 or Saturday April, 17

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5:00 pm PT Friday OR 12:00 pm PT Saturday

Duration: 90 minutes

The light that shines through your eyes reveals your true self – your greatest strengths, deepest capacities and biggest answers to why you are here.
Discover the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes® each of which point toward your soul or life purpose and provide guidance about your career path, lessons, relationships, ideal partners and much more.
We’ll provide an overview and a chance to embody the energy of each Talent. Then we’ll offer samples of Intuitive Eye Readings on the Talents that show in your eyes – you’ll gain in-’sights’ about how to increase your energy, joy and fulfillment.

are you…

  • Working hard and exhausted
  • Others don’t understand you
  • Living behind a mask
  • Don’t know your purpose
  • Tired of repeating relationship patterns
virtual wellness retreats for women
Barbara Badolati, founder and CEO of BeWell Retreats has been a key player in the evolution of wellness since 1986. Her dedication to this field has included creating corporate wellness cultures, opening several yoga studios, providing health and life coaching for individuals, and leading worldwide retreats.
The foundation of her work is to empower the individual toward greater health and well-being through lifestyle, mindset, movement and meditation.
virtual wellness retreats for women
Laureli Shimayo is an Intuitive Eye Reader, Body Psychology Coach & Business+Romantic Matchmaker. She notices subtleties in people’s eyes, body postures, gestures and energy and utilizes these to make a big impact. She once was a scientist and now, in addition to working with clients and teaching, also runs MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fairs + Events for energizing body, mind, heart + soul to expand conscious community. Learn more at


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