your pleasure plan

Self Care Sundays

A reocurring virtual gathering to be replenished and create a “pleasure plan” for yourself.

These self care retreats are truly a feel-good experience. Release trapped tension. Create your pleasure plan. Explore self care rituals. Bask in the love and kindness with others. Energetically we come together in a circle of love, compassion and well-being.

Self Care Sundays occur the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month starting at 4:00 pm PT and last for 90 minutes.


Are you…

  • Too hard on yourself
  • Putting yourself last
  • Having regrets and resentments
  • Being critical and judgmental
  • Saying “yes” to others more than yourself
  • Tired, lacking passion and optimism
  • Not sure what self-care is, much less how to embrace pleasure
I’ve been there, and sometimes I still dance in that puddle of life.
Sometimes I even sit in the mud, but I’ve learned that being compassionate, loving and a bit humorous with myself can have me dancing with more freedom, forgiveness and fun.
I want to show you how to create your own self-care rituals and say “yes” to you!

Are you ready to…

  • Restore with “no-pose” yoga
  • Go on guided meditation floats
  • Explore self-care rituals
  • Be equipped for the difficult times
  • Receive TLC from others
  • Create your personal pleasure plan

Come In and Join Us

Make yourself cozy. Be warm. Bring your favorite beverage, blankets and props for restorative yoga. Wear comfy, soft clothes. Have a journal, candle, essential oils – anything that invites in pleasure and healing.


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Register for this recurring retreat for $27, 3 Retreat Pass for $55, or Unlimited Retreats for $65 / month. You will pay and register using PunchPass.


1 Retreat

Attend one retreat of your choice.

$18 / Retreat

3 Retreat Pass $55

Attend 3 retreats in 2 months.

$8 / Retreat

Unlimited $65

Attend all retreats over 1 month!

what others had to say

“The time flew by. This retreat was so experiential and I could feel the energy from everyone.”

Sarah B., New York

what others had to say

“My sister and I got to go on retreat together this way, even though we are 2,000 miles apart.”

Jill R., North Carolina

what others had to say

“This exceeded my expectations, I am SO grateful!”

Dana P., California

what others had to say

“Your retreat was a delight and your organization was so smooth with timely information.”

Karen R., Washington

what others had to say

“Whether you come in exhausted ready to fill your cup or wanting to expand your cup – you will find what you are looking for. ”

Brenda R., Washington

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The 1st  & 3rd  Sunday of Every Month

  • say “hello” and check in
  • centering meditation
  • guided restorative pose
  • aligning your calendar with phases of the moon, self-care rituals and pleasure practices
  • removing potential obstacles
  • envisioning, declaring and basking in results
  • loving connections throughout the month
  • blow kisses, wave “farewell for now”, give energy hugs

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