Unleash Your Money Archetypes

Thursday, April 8 or Saturday April 10

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4:00 pm PT Thursday OR 9:00 am PT Saturday

Duration: 90 minutes

Money is sacred. Money can be a spiritual act. Money allows you to exchange goods and services. What if you could feel peace and joyfulness around money through the strength of your archetypes?
Through this interactive and insightful retreat you will understand and align your Personal Money Archetype to increase your flow of abundance, become a sacred steward of your finances and learn how to capitalize on your natural strengths.

are you…

  • not able to save money
  • always needing more money
  • trapped by your money story
  • wanting more financial abundance
  • ready to discover the money problem
virtual wellness retreats for women
Barbara Badolati, expressive movement devotee and soul stirrer has been guiding women through the joy of yoga and dance for over three decades.  She believes when we cherish and move our bodies which are true to ourselves, acceptance, healing and joyfulness can emerge.
virtual wellness retreats for women

Rose Harrow is a certified Master Business Coach with a decade of experience helping clients grow a profitable heart-centered business without selling their souls. As a certified Money Archetype practitioner she brings her holistic approach of money and the interweaving of our archetypes to this mini virtual retreat.


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